Dr. Daniel Kripte of University of San Diego, the authority on sleeping pill use, has spent the better part of his career documentating their dangers in a report called "The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills"

If you're taking sleeping pills - This is important!

The Results of his research are found here:

  • Sleeping pills are hazardous to your health
  • Sleeping pills impair daytime thinking and functionality
  • Sleeping pills only enable people to sleep 15 to 20 minutes longer
  • While under the influence of most sleep medications, people have trouble forming memories. When they wake up, they may simply forget they had trouble sleeping.
  • Sleeping pills can have disastrous side effects (their combination with other prescription drugs may have caused the death of Heath Ledger)
  • Sleeping pills can be addictive
  • There's no evidence that taking any sleeping pill for years benefits sleep even a little
  • In General: The treatment of insomnia by sleeping pills is always to be avoided as much as possible.
To go to the full report (it's long and chilling) click here